Attract Customers more!

The flavor is very suitable for Indonesian people. I think customers from Indonesia would like dining here (Hairi Cipta, Master student in Kyoto University)

Perfect Combination!

Sakura No Bento is the perfect combination of Japanese washoku with Asian taste. I felt like eating Indonesian cuisines because its rich flavors, spices, and the portion is just right (Reza Rangkuti, Exchange student in Kyoto University).

Rich of Flavor!

To be honest, I was surprised that the washoku would be rich of flavor and very tasty unlike the Japanese washoku I have ever tasted. It is usually quite plain but this one is different. It’s more than delicious! (Muthia, Undergraduate student in Kyoto University)

More than Enough!

Teriyaki buri, rice, crocket mahou, and chawan musi, all of those are super delicious! For someone who eats a lot a like me, the portion is more than enough. (Wina, Self-employed)

Good and Tasty!

All of the served food are so good and tasty. It has strong taste, suitable for Indonesian people but keep preserving the original Japanese taste and serving. Everyone should visit this place! (Vita, housewife)