Welcome to Yosiya 70th Anniversary Homepage!

Kyoto Arashiyama has been long time ago as the residence of Emperor and noblemen, a beautiful place with full of energy where people came to relax and seek serenity. In 1948, the first generation Yosiya, Shizuki (SIZUE) started selling delicacies and souvenir around the area.

Surrounded by mountainous area and stream, visiting customers are not only from Kansai, but also from the very north Hokkaido until the very south Okinawa. In turn, under the leadership of Yasuji (the second generation), Yosiya began to receive order for those who came in group.

Day by day, Yosiya was also visited by the customers from all over the world.

In 2002, we renovated the first floor and opened it as “Oku no Niwa”, where the global customers visiting Arashiyama can relax and enjoy eating the Japanse Kyoto Food (washoku) without prior reservation.

In YOSIYA “Oku no Niwa”, it is equipped with six-meter large table (Keiyaki) and Kyoichi (the reigning leader) put the table in the center of our shop.

He thought that “I  want the guest from the whole world together to enjoy the Japanese washoku delightedly”. Of course, there are special menu (vegetarian), Halal friendly menu which is certified by the Halal Board Kyoto, gluten free and vegan that can be served without any reservation.

Beside the head office in Arashiyama, there is a small stall in “hondori” and restaurant in Shinjuku. Guest can also enjoy the Muslim friendly without reservation in both shops.

We are from YOSIYA have learned so many things from our beloved customers. Therefore, we sincerely want to thank to our guests and customers that we turned 70th years old in March 2018. We will keep the hard together in the future. All gratitude for your support!


Sakura No Bento Menu

Sakura no Bento
The Magnificently Delicious Sakura no Bento

Sakura no Bento is the special bento package served by Yosiya in collaboration with PPI (Indonesian Student Association) Kyoto-Shiga for commemorating 70th years anniversary of Yosiya. After several stages of discussion and tasting, the bento is the perfect choice for whoever wishing to taste the authentic and delicious Japanese washoku.

Sakura no Bento consisted of more than ten special items which are beautifully served in compact plating. Enjoy the composition of rice, takiawase, gyunikushigureni, yatsuhashi, ebifurai makizushi, fish teriyaki, oboro tofu hotpot, mahou crocket, spicy karaage, green tea udon, chawanmushi. Guest also can choose either hamburger steak, chicken spicy teriyaki, or yellow-tailed fish teriyaki.

Terms and condition

  1. The menu is available only in Oku no Niwa restaurant starting from April 1st, 2018
  2. The menu is specially served for ryugakusei (foreign students in residing in Japan) and bring their student card
  3. The offer is eligible for students bringing the student card from junior high school up to a doctoral degree
  4. Please get our staffs informed when reserving the menu and showing the student card
  5. Please get our staffs informed whether you have particular allergic on food
  6. The main dish will be specifically determined and served by our main chef on the day of the reservation
  7.  Reservation of Sakura no Bento must be made at least 3 days in advance by phone. (+81-75-871-0448)



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Discussion on Halal Food in Japan with PPI Kyoto-Shiga

Celebrating its 70th anniversary, PPI Kyoto Shiga gets an invitation for enjoying specials lunch from Yosiya. At least twenty-five citizens attended and prepared to enjoy the wide variety of washoku (Japanese traditional cuisines) that were served. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very warm and comfortable especially with river views that can be seen through …