Kamogawa, A Stream Flowing in the Heart of Kyoto

People in Kyoto should agree that the bank of Kamogawa river is one of the best spots to enjoy the city. The river flows around 19 km from the northern area of Kyoto and joins the Katsura river in the southern west part. In the spring, many locals enjoy sitting under the cherry blossom while eating home-made bento. Japanese call it Hanami, which consists of two words; hana means flower and mi means to see. In the summer, there are several open bars for young people to spend the hot days whilst sipping a glass of beer and barbecue.

Image Source: Tiptoeing World

It is very convenient to feel the breeze of fresh air along the riverside of Kamogawa. Simply get off at the Sanjo station then you can witness how the river blends with the historic sites nearby the banks. You can stare at the orange sunset and do a short jogging with other locals. Plus, in the summer, people usually will get themselves soaked in the fresh and pure water of Kamogawa. So why don’t you give a try?

Image Source: spacepublic.com.au

Featured Image Source: Anshar Photography Blog

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