Discussion on Halal Food in Japan with PPI Kyoto-Shiga

Celebrating its 70th anniversary, PPI Kyoto Shiga gets an invitation for enjoying specials lunch from Yosiya. At least twenty-five citizens attended and prepared to enjoy the wide variety of washoku (Japanese traditional cuisines) that were served. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very warm and comfortable especially with river views that can be seen through from inside.

Tsukuda-san as Vice President of the restaurant, explained that the lunch event has two purposes. First, to introduce halal food to Indonesian Muslim students in Kyoto, and second, to discuss the development of halal food in Kyoto that could be done by Yosiya in the future. The participants looked very enthusiastic to be part of this event.

Furthermore, she told that the first reason why Yosiya introduced a halal menu started from the story of her friendship with an Indonesian. Her best friend oftenly said that she could not arbitrarily any Japanese foods due of halal restriction. Because of this, as at that time Tsukuda-San not knowing the concept of halal, she began studying and trying a halal version of Japanese foods that friendly towards the Muslim customers.

In this event, the Head Chef of Yosiya also gave little explanations of the dishes such as the main ingredients, how to cook, and way for serving it. Such clarification added the sense of belief for participant to ensure that the food served that day were certified as halal. Especially, Tsukuda-San also explained one of the favorite dishes i.e. Yosiya Udon Green Tea.

It was exciting to know the contents of cheese, assorted tempura egg, egg rolls, chawan musi, yakitori, takiawase and various sushi ready to shake up the tongue. One of the Special menu presented that day was brand new Wagyu shabu-shabu, where Indonesian students had the opportunity to cook their own beef.

Thank you, Yosiya! Hopefully more and more of the variations of halal food can be provided and created through cooperation with PPI Kyoto-Shiga.

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